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Victoria Daphnée Jeffrey

aka vj

Software Engineer/Engineering Manager


Check out my Github profile

note: there used to be a lot more green squares filled in on it.
then i became a manager. so, ya know, keep that in mind when you scoff at my contributions ;)


Victoria is a software engineer with eng mgmt experience. She has dabbled with Javascript and Ruby, and has spent the last few years working in Golang.

She has also given a few presentations on InSpec, an open-source infrastructure testing framework, as well as on the work she has done building features that interacted with cloud SDKs.

She's wicked smart. She doesn't know everything and she doesn't pretend to. She loves to get into the deep waters and collaborate to solve hard problems. She's quick, trusting, analytical, and skeptical.

On the home front of things, Victoria lives in the Denver, CO area with her family.